Salt Licks

Most mass-produced animal licks consists of salt with artificially added minerals and trace elements.  These minerals, such as potassium and magnesium and the trace elements are important for your animal’s health.  However in salt production these are regarded as impurities and are removed during the production process.

Himalayan animal salt licks are mined from deposits over 250 million years old. They are rich in minerals and trace elements which give the salt licks their distinctive pink colour. They are extremely hard, making them very weather resistant and more difficult for animals to bite chunks off! This is a problem that occurs with soft, regular pressed licks.

Horse Salt Licks on Rope and come in 1kg to 3.5kg sizes.

We also supply Block/Lump Type Salt Licks at 2kgs to 30kgs.

All salt is mined and washed by hand.

Our salt licks are use by Lance Wiid Racing Stables.



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