Gourmet Salt Grinders

Keelawee now offers the following fine selection of gourmet salts, hand picked from around the world.

Persian Blue Salt
Massage palor Persian Blue Salt is the rarest salts on the plant. There is only one mine where it is extracted, that’s in Semman province of northern Iran. The blue is caused by ‘sylvite’, a variant of crystal potassium chloride. Thus the salt has a high potassium content, which helps the body regulate water balance, levels of acidity and blood pressure.
It is a very pretty salt, dotted with deep blue crystals with a fine taste. Initially it comes over as a strong salt, but immediately becomes milder, leaving a pleasant after taste.
Origin: Iran
Net weight: 165 grams
Utah Real Salt
Massage palor Utah Real Salt is mined in Redmond, in the American state of Utah. It’s a healthy salt as it contains over 60 trace elements which aid our well being.
It’s a mild salt, which brings out the best in all dishes. Enjoyed by chefs and the health conscious alike.
Origin: United states of America
Net weight: 175 grams
Devonshire Smoked Sea Salt
Massage palor Smoked Devonshire Salt is pure organic sea salt which has been slow smoked over sweet Devon apple wood. The process gives the salt a unique ‘smokiness’ and a lovely golden colour. Its smokey taste enhances the flavor of any food the salt is used on.
Origin: United Kingdom
Net weight:
Himalayan Pink Salt
Massage palor Himalayan Pink Salt is the healthiest salt on the planet. It contains over 80 trace elements which are vital for our well being. It’s a pretty and tasty salt, which will enhance the flavflfavour of any food it is used on.
Origin: Pakistan
Net weight: 185 grams
Rainbow Pepper
Massage palor

Rainbow Pepper is the combination of black, pink & white peppercorns. Black peppercorns are from the sub continent. They have a very distinct aroma and flavour. Pink peppercorns are from Madagascar. These berries add a very aromatic flavour to the mix. White peppercorns are from the same plant as the black, but have been processed differently. White peppercorns are slightly hotter than the black.

Origin: Pakistan and Madagascar
Net weight: 70 grams
Kalahari Inland Salt
Massage palor Kalahari Inland Salt is a unique salt, its neither sea or rock salt. It is produced from the pristine salt pans within the Kalahari Desert. It’s a full flavoured savory salt, ideal for all occasions.
Origin: Botswana
Net weight:
175 grams

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